trouble sending video message

I have the HTC Rezound. So far I hate it. I was talked into it by the employees at Verizon. I wanted the iPhone. They assured me this was a better phone which was compatible with my MAC. My MAC doesn't even recognize my phone when I plug it in to it.

Anyway, I am told by HTC that I cannot sent videos unless I use the lowest resolution (which you can't even see because the quality is so poor). I have tried downloading all kinds of applications to help send video messages and still cannot do this. I had no problem with my old non-smart phones. You would think that a more expensive "smart" phone I could do something so simple. I wish I had got the iPhone.

Re: trouble sending video message
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Feature phones take a much lower resolution video, that's why they can send them with no change. As it is a limitation set by the carrier, I don't the iPhone will be any better.

Re: trouble sending video message
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kdinger - demmo86rt is correct. What you want to do is set the camera/camcorder resolution to MMS. You can choose 320 x 240, but your video can be no longer than 3 seconds. In this case, MMS resolution is the way to go. The reason it looked better on your older phone is due to the screen resolution of those older devices. They were closer to that resolution, than what you are using now. The Rezound's display outputs at a resolution of 720 x 1280. (720p) It's pretty much the same as viewing a non HD channel on your HD television. That same channel looked better on your old set versus your new set. The HD video you take on your phone will of course shine on your phone and on your HD tv. Your video message can be about a minute long. You can send a video message with a video size of 1200KB or a bit over 1MB.

With regards to Mac connectivity you should be able to connect it, as I have been able to mount my Rezound my iMac. Are you plugging it in with the original USB cable, and then lowering the notification bar and selecting mass storage mode from your USB menu?

Let us know!

Thank you everyone and take good care.

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