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confused about travel pass? Going to U.K. for 6 days

If you have unlimited domestic use data. But travel pass says only 100 MB per day. Will I get over use charges?

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Re: confused about travel pass? Going to U.K. for 6 days
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

Which TravelPass plan allows you only 100MB/day.

The daily TravelPass Plan lets you use your normal data allowance and has a cost of $10/day. You are allowed 500MB/day before your speed is throttled to 128kbps but there are no additional charges.

The monthly TravelPass Plan gives you a MONTHLY allowance of 100MB. There are 2 levels of monthly service $25/month and $40/month which have different minute/texting allowances before overages are charged. They both have the same overage charge for data, though, which is $25 for each 100MB you go over your MONTHLY allowance. For example, if you use 1 GB for your 6 day trip, you will have overage charges of $225, your monthly allowance of 100MB PLUS 9 x $25 overage fee for the 900MB overage.

Re: confused about travel pass? Going to U.K. for 6 days

If you have Travel Pass, you will not be billed any additional fee's. however if you have one of the monthly international plans, once you exceed the limited data usage, you will accumulate international fee's usually $2.05 per/MB.

Re: confused about travel pass? Going to U.K. for 6 days
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Your upcoming trip to the UK sounds like it will be a fabulous time! We never want for there to be confusion at all when it comes to our international plans. Let's make sure we're all on the same with the cost of TravelPass & how much data you will have to use. For data, it will use your domestic data allowance which in your case is unlimited data. You'll have high-speed data for the first 512 MB/day and then after that, it will reduce to 2G speeds. The TravelPass for the UK is $10.00 a day. There would not be an additional charge. Here are more details surrounding TravelPass: Please refer specifically to # 4 and # 7 in this link. Have I been able to provide clarity?



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