2 months and starting to regret it

I have had my Kin Twom for 2 months now and at first I was in love with it. I liked how it looked, it has zune, and wi-fi...GREAT. However, now its showing me its true colors. Its so GLITCHY!!!. Aside from the freezing, blocking phone calls, not showing me texts messages, and not ringing even when the volume is on LOUD, it shuts off on its own at random. I had my LG Dare almost 2 years before I started to have issues like this and im dissappointed being that this is a newer phone. If im gonna have to start replacing phones before my 2yrs are up I need a cheaper service provider.

Re: 2 months and starting to regret it
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The first one I got stopped working within 6 months.  I had not even used it all 6 months, I waited a little bit to activate it.


Be sure to contact someone and get it documented you are having problems.  They might be able to give you a rebuilt one - they gave me a rebuilt one after the first one quit working.  Today my rebuilt one turned off and was not responsive for a few minutes.