Kin TwoM Email Issues

Hello all-


I recently upgraded my boss's old LG phone to a Kin TwoM and have run into a few issues with the email program.  I set his work email up as a POP account, set to sync every 15 mins.  For the last few days, once a day it has completely wiped all of the messages off of the phone and then re-downloaded all of them - which, as you can imagine, has used a LOT of data.  I have his phone set on a minimum data plan, but we are like 8 days into the billing cycle and he's already gone over - just from the email sync.  He doesn't even know how to use the browser function.  I went back and changed it to sync manually, and only to sync 1 day's worth of messages - but it seems like i shouldnt have had to do that for it to work properly.  The other issue he is having is that a lot of the emails that come in will say something to the effect of "unable to view, open message in browser" - when they are plain text emails - nothing embedded or anything.  Any ideas?




Re: Kin TwoM Email Issues
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Hi lambrock18,


With regard to the e-mails that say they cannot display, I get that a lot as well. They may look like text when you finally view them, but they're probably not.  If you view them in a browser on a computer, and view the page source, you will probably find that they are actually html documents that reference a link that contains the actual text of the e-mail.  That's why they won't display in the phone's e-mail program.  In my case, this happens most often with e-mails from organizations or businesses.  I don't recall it ever happening with a plain e-mail from an individual.


I'm not sure what's causing the other probmem you mention. When I first read your post, I thought it might be that you had the synch set for one day, and so anything older than one day was not being retained (which is normal).  But reading further, it doesn't sound like that's what's going on. 


Does your boss also use another e-mail client on a computer, such as Outlook or Windows Mail to access the same e-mail? I use Windows Mail, and it is set to remove the e-mail from the server when downloading. So anything that has been downloaded to my computer will disappear from my phone the next time it synchs.  But in that case, it wouldn't redownload them, so that's probably not it either -- unless he's accessing his mail server and moving the e-mails in and out of the inbox.