MyFios app error "SSL Certificate error"


Hello, is anyone getting error msg using the MyFios mobile app(5.58.2) when navigating to Internet? I keep getting

"SSL Certificate Error"

There is also a banner below that says "There was an error getting SON status. Click the cell to try again."

Where is the "cell" to click at?

Please help.



I was finally able to resolve both issues by getting Home Network Protection turned off.  Normally you would turn this on or off via the app, but with the SSL error I  was unable to access it.  To fix it I contacted Verizon via their chat and asked them to turn off Home Network Protection from the back end.  As soon as they did, my intermittent internet issues stopped and today when I tried the My Fios App I no longer received the SSL error and could mange the settings in the app.  

Solution provided by waywarddog.

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