Retrieving txt and call logs


Hi. I had an account with Verizon wireless back in 2021. Going through 2020, then we disconnected the service Aug 2022 and took our phone number to a new provider Att. Well, almost a year later, we are back to Verizon with the original number still. Is there a way for me to find and retrieve call and text from the original plan? Please any answers, solutions, ideas will be greatly appreciated, thank you.


Hey there, Kat_Stell92. Welcome back to the family, we're happy to shed some light on your concerns. To clarify, billed detail is available for text messages for the last 3 billed months only. However, we can definitely reprint any of the bills from the last 7 years. The monthly bills that can be reprinted do include a call log for each line. All in all, text logs will not be available, but call details can be viewed within the call log of the bills we can reprint. We will be sending a Private Note for further assistance.


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