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About to leave Verizon over this phone

This is by far the worst phone I have ever owned, and only made worse by the fact that Verizon won't do a thing about it. When my original device started having problems, I brought it into the store, and they send out for a "Certified Like New Replacement" i.e. someone else's phone that had been returned for the same issues.

But, I gave them the benefit of the doubt, thinking that maybe I just got a bad device. Wrong. I've had this phone for about a week and it has all the same problems as the original and more. It is freezing up, shutting down, not receiving calls, not syncing my Gmail, multiplying my contacts, and the dictionary doesn't respond to simple words like "I'm." This time around, I called Verizon, thinking that maybe something could be done. I had some hope, as two people told me they would see what they could do to get me  a new model. Then I was transferred to technical support, where the woman told me that it might be my Gmail account messing up the phone and that I should create a new account to use as the primary on my phone. I could still use my existing address, just not have it as the primary account. Are you kidding me??? She said that I would not be getting into a different device, so she's sending me the same exact phone. Again. This angers me even more since when I upgraded, I went in looking to get an iPhone and the sales guy talked me into the Revolution. Last time I'll listen to their opinion again.

This is getting to be ridiculous. I use this phone for my personal life, my job, and for planning my upcoming wedding. I simply can't, like everyone else out there, have a phone that doesn't work. Unfortunately, Verizon seems to care more about advertizing to potential new customers than retaining the ones who have been loyal to them since day one. With so many examples of phenomenal customer service out there, it really sucks to see that Verizon really just doesn't care about the products they are providing or the people that they are selling them to.

If you're listening, Verizon, do you care to prove me wrong? I would love to come back on here, with my foot in my mouth, if you actually listen and do something about this. THAT would be customer service, and a company that actually has some integrity. Otherwise, this customer will definitely be looking into other options as soon as my current contract is up. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Re: About to leave Verizon over this phone

i am right there with you, my wife bought a 3g iphone the same day i bought a 4 revolution, she has had 0 problems with the iphone in 11 months, i have had 3 replacements, and they have all had the same problems. i am a sales person for a major retailer, if i treated my customers the way verizon has tossed me around i would never make a dime.