Can't Send or Receive Text Message from AT&T Customers!

It seems that I have not been receiving text messages from my AT&T friends. I will send them a text and they will not receive it. It will just stay in the pending status. The same goes for them trying to send me a text message. They will send it and I will still not get one. I tried picture messaging as well and no such luck. It is just these two particular numbers that I cannot seem to get through or receive. I called Verizon on Wednesdays hoping to get some help. They tried upgrading something but it did not succeed. So they took down the two numbers and told me they would call me within 48 hours with a solution. Needless to say I have not gotten the phone call nor have the text messages started working. This is extremely frustrating. The two AT&T friends both have iphones if that means anything. It’s all just very irritating and I would just like a resolution.

Re: Can't Send or Receive Text Message from AT&T Customers!
Customer Service Rep

Hello to you Lacebug21!

I definitely want you to be able to message everyone of your loved ones!  I'm so sorry this is happening in the first place.  I will be more than happy to look into this further with you.

Since this is only happening with two specific numbers, we did take the correct course to file a ticket to our engineers. By any chance did our Technical Support rep provide a ticket number?

If so I can check on the status of your ticket!

Let me know!


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