Cannot receive pics-Says message expired or not available
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  I have the Revolution and daughter has Incredible and lately when she sends a pic I go to download it and a message pops up saying message expired or not available but when you go to download it it says expires Dec 31st, this being said yesterday when she was sending pics. Anyone with this problem as we don't know who's phone is screwing up

Re: Cannot receive pics-Says message expired or not available

The only think I can think of that would cause this is that the date or time may be set to the wrong time, check both phones time and time zone to make sure they are correct....  Another possible nature of issue is that the network time clock isnt correct for some reason...


Check the phones first because I think this could be issue more than the network being of but anything is possible...  To check network you should be able to send youself a MMS and if your message arrives to the device and says the same thing then I would say it could be your device..