Does factory reset actually work?

I bought my phone a year ago, and I have had to factory reset it twice due to freezing, always force quitting applications, and being unable to receive text messages.  This is highly inconvenient, I use my phone for personal and work, and having to factory reset makes this really frustrating.  Is there anything else I can do?

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I agree! Resets are definitely inconvenient linndenburg. Many times the issues you've described are a result of applications being installed on the phone. Especially if the phone works fine after doing the reset and begins to act up slowly over time as you're installing new applications. If there's a particular application that seems to freeze or force close, or if there was an application installed or updated shortly before the issue began, start by uninstalling the app(s)

Another thing to make sure of is that your software is up to date The updates come out from the manufacturer to improve your overall experience and help things to run smoothly.

These are great starts to making sure your phone runs smoothly and you can avoid those frustrating resets.

Thank you

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you could try to get a replacement, but if the reset works well for a while, then i would just do that. while it is tedious, your contacts should all easily restore and all of the apps that you've installed will show up in the play store. i've actually found that it is a good way to force me to sort of clean up my device. I'll actually pull all of my pics and video off of the sd card and reset the device AND the sd card. start from scratch. it takes about an hour to restore all of my settings and download the apps, but it's a good time to really consider which apps and how many i ACTUALLY use and want to put back on my phone.