Erratic Behavior

I am dealing with the common screen issues as most are. I've searched this form but cannot seem to find a fix for this. I've read people have received replacement phones.  However my phone is 4 months old and lg will only provide a repair or refurbished phone. Any tips???

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Unfortunately that is what all phone makers will do.

Refurbished second hand possible issues worse than you have now replacements.

However if you opt for repair there will be a long delay but the device will be the same unit. Something to think about.

My wife and I don't use warranty since we just buy new. Now I know financially this may not be possible for everyone but we keep a spare device (new) in our home in case hers or mine should go kaput.  I can say we never had to use warranty services, by keeping a spare on hand. I recommend not using the same carrier. This way if Verizon goes out or has a tower issue the spare will be OK.

Good Luck