HELP!! VZW Software Update Assistant not installing as it should?
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Hello. My G2 has had some wonky battery life lately (some days it lasts forever, some it lasts 3 hours. Even when I am doing the same tasks that got me the long battery life) so I want to reflash the stock ROM and start fresh because a factory reset didn't help the issue. I want to do all that I can to resolve my issue myself before having to get a refurbished device from warranty exchange. The LG support site states that when I plug my phone into my Windows PC there should be an auto launch of the Verizon Software Update Assistant as apparently the .exe file is on the phone. I have all of the drivers installed and have had the phone since launch and not once did that .exe auto-run when I plugged my device into my PC. I contacted LG and LG said the Software Update Assistant they provide isn't compatible with the Verizon variant. This is something we are all supposed to have but after trying several different things last night (including uninstalling/reinstalling all LG G2 drivers and 3 factory resets). Nothing worked. LG of course said it is a Verizon issue and I am inclined to believe them since our variant is a special needs device and isn't compatible with the LG software update assistant provided by LG (Good job on that one Verizon. Makes the lives of your customers SO much easier when you HAVE to do things differently, bc, well you know... Verizon is Verizon and does what it wants. *High Five!* -.-). Obviously I am frustrated bc I know my way around android and Windows 8 and I can't fix this myself. I would like to take care of this without warranty exchange if at all possible bc I have a Zagg InvisibleShield installed on my G2 and I am not all about throwing $25 away and then having to buy another screen protector.

Can someone please help me? Did the software update assistant get omitted from the 12B OTA or something?

Re: HELP!! VZW Software Update Assistant not installing as it should?
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Hi o.O,

Never fear help is here! Let's locate your missing battery life. How long does it take the device to go from 100% charge to 0%? Are you using only the original equipment manufacturer charger? Has there been any liquid pr physical damage to the device? There are two ways to update your software on the LG G2, OTA User Initiated, and OTA Server Initiated .

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