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Hangouts vs. Regular text

When someone text me, it sometimes comes through on the hangouts app instead of the regular text.  Can I delete the hangout app?  I started to do it, but it told me that I might make other apps act up.  I'm technologically challenged, and I don't have a need for a "hangout"  I just want regular text and the ability to change the notification sound.  I can't seem to locate the notification sound for the hangout app and I really don't think I need to.

Please help!


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Re: Hangouts vs. Regular text
Customer Support

Hello ilumin8or,

Have no fear, Verizon is here to help you out today! You might not be able to delete the application all the way from the phone but you can stop the Text messages from coming through that application and just come in the normal way. If you go into Settings, Application Manager, slide the screen to the left to get to the ALL sections, once you are there scroll all the way to "Hangout", you can tap on Force Stop, Clear Data, Clear Cache, Uninstall updates, and then Turn Off. This will stop the messages from coming in that application.

Then if you want to set up a notification sound for the normal text message application. You would open that application, tap on the three lines in the lower right hand corner of your phone, Tap Settings, then tap Notification, and then you can select Notification Sound to set the proper tone you would like to use.

Please keep us posted if this doesn't work. If you have any further questions we are always here for you.


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Re: Hangouts vs. Regular text

With Kit Kat 4.4 the default message app is hangouts.  If I send text messages without pictures will it eat up my data or will it go towards my unlimited text plan?  Does it matter if the person I sent it do uses hangouts or imessage?

Re: Hangouts vs. Regular text
Customer Support

You ask great questions. If you send text messages via hangouts it will not take away your data. It will come off of your texting package. It does not matter if they have an Android or an iPhone.


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