Huge issues including dropped calls, GPS, etc?

I got the LG G2 this past Spring.  Initially I had no complaints about this phone, everything worked fine.  However, about a month or 2 in, I noticed a few issues.  The most noticeable one is that my pandora enabled car stopped automatically starting when I would enter the car with my phone.  Before there was no problem with this.  However all I had to start doing was start Pandora manually from my phone and my car would eventually pick it up, so I didn't think much of it.  I've also had GPS issues starting around the same time where sometimes the phone would change my destination in the middle of my trip, or sometimes it would say that I was driving through buildings when, in fact, I was driving on a highway.  But again, these issues were things that had relatively temporary fixes that I could live with, so I didn't think much of it.

The biggest problem however that is infuriating me is the dropped calls and general incapability to make calls when I'm at home.  I've never had great reception at home no matter what the phone, but I was still able to make and receive 99% of my calls with no problem.  The same was true of this phone when I first got it.  I was getting 4G most of the time with at least 2-3 bars and fine call quality.  Even if I only had 1 bar and 3G I would still be able to make and receive calls for the most part.  But then out of nowhere it started working horribly.  Now I only ever get 3G and usually 1 bar and very seldom am I ever able to make calls or complete received calls.  The vast majority of the time it won't even give me the dial tone.  If someone calls me it goes in and out until quickly just dropping the call. 

After looking around the internet for some answers I've found that some people with the same issue either toggles the airplaine mode or restarts the phone to give temporary relief of the dropped call/reception issue.  It works for me as well, but only for a very short while; an hour at most.  I also believe that these issues started when the KitKat update rolled out. 

Does anyone have any ideas of what is going on or what I could do?  My phone is just about useless at this point.

Re: Huge issues including dropped calls, GPS, etc?
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The only option at this point is performing a hard reset on the device. Unfortunately, KitKat really killed Android devices when it comes to signal. I noticed a drop is signal quality on my G2 after KitKat. This is an issue that Google will need to address, as it's not Verizon Wireless' issue. There is currently no signal fix.

Perform a Factory Data Reset (Device Powered On) - LG G2