Is the G2 going to get an OS update from the March disaster and if so when? My phone is crap since that update and I will leave LG and Verizon over it

Since the update in March my LG G2 went from being a great phone to a paperweight. It eats power so fast it's ridiculous. It gets hot. It loses Wi-Fi connectivity. The email update always says March 30 no matter what. The email updates get in a loop and the only way out is to reboot the phone. The list goes on. I was told at Verizon in June there would be an OS update out by now and nothing.

I contacted LG and they said to send my phone in and they would look at it but it would take 6 weeks. The OS update was a disaster and neither Verizon nor LG will take responsibility or do anything about it. Our contract is up in November so I expect to leave both LG and Verizon over this. My usability has been negatively affected but my bill stays the same and nothing is being done.

To say I'm pissed is a severe understatement.

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As described in many a thread for the G2 here, Factory Reset the device without backing up apps and app data.  Do not select auto restore.  Reset the device, then go back to the play store and re-install apps from My Apps list.  The phone will be flawless after this procedure.