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LG G2 not receiving calls.

I set up service for my family plan in July.  Since we have called in multiple time about phones not receiving calls.  Recently we had to transfer to a different carrier because  we were not receiving calls.  Recently even, the phone made me re-setup my voicemail, it just stopped working after being set up for months.  I always had great reception and could always make calls, but I missed calls consistently, or they would go to voicemail.  It was so bad I could call my husband sitting right next to him and he would not receive the call.  Is this typical for anyone else? Is this the phone or the service? If verizon can fix this problem we'll port our numbers back, we actually enjoyed the speed of the data and reception to make calls, but the problem was missing very important business calls consistently, at least 25 calls a month on each phone.  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

Re: LG G2 not receiving calls.
Sr. Leader

I still miss calls.  I get about the same signal now as I did with my Maxx, Inc2, and Gnex.  I called in a few times, but they couldn't replicate the issue on their end.  As far as voicemail...all of us that got the Advanced Calling 1.0 update a few months ago had to re-set up voicemail.  At least myself and 2 other G2 users did anyway.