LG G2 problems
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I am on my 2nd LG G2 and I am having all sorts of problems again. My calls get dropped and when I am on WiFi, I cannot send texts and my phone overheats and drains the battery. Is there anything I can do? Is it possible that Verizon can just give me a different phone?

Re: LG G2 problems
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Since getting your LG G2 did you install KitKat or did it come with it?

If you did the upgrade, probably the best thing you could do is choose to perform a Factory Data Reset after you back up your personal content (any files downloaded, your .MP3s, your pictures, etc), and any important settings.

You can do a few things, like making sure

1). Settings | Tethering and Networks | Mobile networks | System Select | network mode is set to LTE/CDMA. Although, I have explicitly set this before to LTE/CDMA, I note now it's back to Global.

2). I have disabled Cloud, Google+, Sync Service, Verizon Support & Protection, Voice Command, VZ Navigator and a few others.

3). I have set Settings | Display | Brightness to 55%.

Re: LG G2 problems

VZW won't do a phone exchange on a different model unless the same problem has happened on 3 replacements.  I haven't gotten that far before in any of my returns.  I replaced my G2 after KK update due to the installation not completing OTA.  I have had no issues since.