LG G2 won't fully charge
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I just got an LG G2 on Saturday and I cannot get the phone to fully charge.  It was plugged in all night (using OEM cable and charger) and when I woke up, it was only at 12%. (The battery indicator continued to show "charging".)

While I was in my car, I had the phone connected to a USB charger and, although I was using the phone on occasion, the charge percentage continued to go down.

I'm guessing the phone is defective. One question, though: in researching this, I've found many reports on the interwebs with people experiencing all sorts of charging problems with this phone.  Anyone happen to know if there is, in fact, a charging problem with this phone? (Obviously, not 100% of people will experience it)...

I may return the phone and gett an HTC One or Motorolla Maxx.

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Re: LG G2 won't fully charge

Very annoyed with ours and with Verizon corporate policies, which do not serve the customer to an acceptable level, in my opinion.  First, as others have posted, phone would not activate with SIM card pre-installed.  Wasted two hours trying to get it to activate (with it showing 3G instead of the 4G it was supposed to be)...finally, after replacing SIM card with an extra one in the box, suddenly it showed 4G and activated.  It should have come with the CORRECT SIM card pre-installed, or at the very least, there should have been a form in the box...boldly telling me to swap the cards first!  

Next:  From beginning, when trying to charge the phone, it tells me I am using the wrong power cord and to use the cord that came with it...that's what I'm using...says it will be slow b/c wrong cord!!!  Then, it stops charging and says continuing to use the wrong cord might damage the phone so it stopped it and won't charge.  Turn it off, reboot, etc.  Charges for 5 hours to 40%.  Same routine.  Finally, charges over night.  Worried won't charge tonight.  Call "CUSTOMER SERVICE"...

You have a phone in a local store...4 of them.  We can take it there and swap tomorrow, BUT CS calls the store (a corporate Verizon store) and they refuse to hold the phone until tomorrow afternoon when it can be swapped (with work schedule).   So, will get up on day off tomorrow and HOPE IT IS THERE when get there to swap and HOPE this one will recognize its own charger.  Meanwhile, CS has no authority to make its own Verizon corporate store hold a phone to replace a phone bought last week that is defective.  Our time and gas and trouble to hope it will be there.  And, if it's not there, and if the phone won't charge at all tonight, then I won't have a phone for emergency use until they ship me one.  OH, YES, THEY CAN SHIP IT OVERNIGHT...if I PAY FOR IT...I pay for them to ship me a replacement phone for the phone I JUST BOUGHT last week that does not charge properly and might not charge at all tonight and leave me without a phone.

Beautiful phone...think would like it IF Verizon Corporate policies put Verizon customers FIRST...make your stores hold phones being swapped out by customers who bought dud phones through you.  And, waive one-day shipping fees to replace defective phones.  And, make sure those distributing Verizon specific phones send them out with the correct SIM cards pre-installed or with large notices as to swap them FIRST AND NOT WASTE TWO HOURS TRYING TO ACTIVATE A PHONE THAT WILL NOT ACTIVATE OTHERWISE.  And, make sure the phones you rep recognize the chargers that come in the box as their own.  Started out as a nice Christmas gift...was supposed to be...not so much anymore!!!!!!  And, instead of helping fix that, I get...policies that help Verizon but not me!!!!