LG IMS Has Stopped

When I reboot my LG G2, I get a "Unfortunately LG IMS has stopped" message. I click OK and it appears repeatedly and often freezes up my phone.

I took my phone to my local Verizon Wireless store and they said there was no fix - that it was an LG issue. I also called Tech Support and they weren't any help whatsoever.

Is this true that's there's no fix for this issue?? I've only had my phone for two years, it's in great shape, and I've never had any issues with it before now. I don't want to upgrade right now and don't want to drop hundreds of dollars for a new phone. I'm already paying over $300 a month for my Verizon phones.

How can I disable the IMS setting on my phone? I even went into the Hidden Menu (##PROGRAM980 / 000000) to search for the IMS settings with no luck.

Thank you.

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Re: LG IMS Has Stopped

You need that enabled. Backup and master reset the phone. Long overdue I'm sure.