LG Revolution Music Problem

The Revolution has turned into The Terror (any history fans will know what that means).


I've had the phone for nearly a week, and I am unable to get the phone to get music to work properly.  I've followed the directions given in the on-phone manual, online instructions, and I've been to the store where I bought it FOUR TIMES.  Nothing, absolutely nothing has worked to get my music to store and play properly.  I am able to place about 800mb of music on the phone and it will work, but anything more and the phone goes into "scanning media files" mode, and it NEVER comes out.  I'm at the point now where I'm going to take the phone back to the store and make them give me my money back if this issue cannot be resolved in the next 48 hours.  I'm not paying $300 for a phone that does not do the one thing I want it to do most, store my music playlists.


The directions at http://support.vzw.com/clc/devices/knowledge_base.html?id=41514 does not work at all.  I've tried that, let it work for TWELVE HOURS, and it does not work, not at all, tried turning the phone off and doing it again, after 8 hours, it still has not worked again.  I've tried moving music to the sim card, didn't work.  I've tried moving music to the internal memory, didn't work. I've tried moving the music over in sync mode, didn't work--every time I tried that, within a few seconds of starting the transfer it says "sync terminated" and switches to internet connection for the usb cable connection without me touching a darn thing.  I've tried it with debugger on and off.  Absolutely nothing that I have tried will get this phone to hold more than 1gb of music and work.


I was using an ENV Touch until I got this phone.  I could sync my music to that device using Mediajukebox 14, no problems, just create the playlists, sync them to the phone, it would take about an hour to sync about 12GB of music, and then, boom, I'm done.  I've put more time into trying to get this phone to get music to work than most people would because other than this issue I really like the phone.  But, what's the point of having a phone that does everyghing but the one thing I want it to do most?

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It sounds to me like you have a bad phone.  I would ask the store to exchange it for another.  I have over 10gb of music stored on my SD card and the Revo found the music and plays it with no problems.  I used iSyncr to sync my music to the SD card from iTunes, but I could have just as easily copied the music files once connected to my computer.  That's what I did with some photos I wanted on the Revo and it found those as well.


Sorry I don't have another solution, but there shouldn't need to be a special solution to get the music to play.  The 'scanning media files' might run for a couple minutes when I first power on the phone or when I sync using iSyncr.


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These steps should definitely work for the Revolution.


Did you happen to try a different SD/Memory card? Also, are you using the 16GB SD card that came pre-installed on the phone?

Most importantly, where are these songs coming from that you are trying to transfer to the SD card via the phone? (iTunes, Media Player?)