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Last update has significantly downgraded my phone!

Screen is dim, battery life is horrid, camera pictures are grainy, texting is a nightmare, have a voice raoaming push message constantly displayed, and I lost several great apps. You've turned a great phone into a piece of junk! Please render a fix asap!

Re: Last update has significantly downgraded my phone!
Customer Support

I want to restore the love that you have for your LG G2, aljtn. It is very concerning that you are experiencing these issues. I'd like to gather more information about the problems you are experiencing. With your screen being dim, have you disabled auto brightness? Do you have the brightness set to maximum? Are all pictures grainy? Does it matter which camera you use? Do you have a case that could be covering the camera? What is the voice roaming message you are seeing? Please share details so we can assist.

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Re: Last update has significantly downgraded my phone!

To answer your questions.

Screen is much dimmer than before update. I took it off auto correct because I could not view screen.

Pictures are grainy after update. Before they were clear and crisp. Does not matter which optic is used on phone.

There is no case on phone and lenses are clean/blemish free.

Roaming/push message is a triangle followed by text that reads voice roaming.

Battery life is significantly degraded. It's not because I set auto dimmer To manual. I can literally sit it down and battery drains within a few hours. Before I could let sit for a few days.

Text keyboard is very un-accurate now. I can push or swipe l and a will be displayed. Oftentimes the key desired does not show r an incorrect space is put into message.

Several apps have disappeared disappeared after update. Some I can re-install others such as my navigator I can't.

Overall when I bought this phone I was satisfied. After the updates I am ready to throw this phone away. Complete junk! I could deal with a few issues but all combined makes this phone completely a waste of why I bought it.