Need to figure out how to speed phone up

My LG revolution is about 2 years old now -- it's really crawling.  I have deleted a lot of video and pictures.  Available memory is over 10GB so I shouldn't have any issues.  Not sure how to check the RAM to see if that might be the issue.

Anyone know of any good apps to speed this thing up?  I can't stand the delay on trying to type texts, etc.  It's really starting to impact my communication.

If it's the phone in general, anyone have any good suggestions for replacements? 


Re: Need to figure out how to speed phone up

It's the phone in general.  Mine acts the exact same way; unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any methods of speeding it up.  I'm currently awaiting my upgrade eligibility that should allow me to get a Galaxy S4 in April.  The poor aging of the Revolution has pretty much ensured I won't be using an LG  phone again any time soon.

You could always try using "app killers" or the factory reset, but neither one of those methods helped my phone any.  It's just plain slow.