New LG Revolution wont send text

I've had my LG Revolution for two months now. Out of the box I noticed a few issues I thought would get better with phone software updates.


1. The texting is a major problem. I routinely have times when I can't send the text that I type. I hit send but the text stays in the sending status. It will do this for sometimes 45 minutes but eventually the phone freezes or locks up. When this happens none of the features works. During this time I try to use the power button to power down but this doesn't work. What I have to do is remove the back cover and remove the battery. One I power the phone back up the message will send.


I am at a point I do this once every two days now where I have to remove the battery.


2. I have also noticed that the phone does multiple restarts though out the day. 


3. There are times when I am on a call and hang up from the call. If I get a call a few seconds after I end one call I am not able to answer the incoming call. No matter what I touch or attempt the call will have to go into voicemail. When this happens I usually also have to remove the batter to power the phone up and down.



Can anyone please HELP. This was a $259.99 phone with a two year contract. At this point I am sick and disgusted because the Verizon Sales Rep told me it was the best LTE 4G phone but at this point I know that can't be true.

Re: New LG Revolution wont send text

I just got this a couple weeks ago. I was having text issues and had to call tech support, they did something on their end that helped. But they also told me to let the phone drain down to nothing, and do this 3 days in a row, to help it run better. It seems to be doing okay so far. Sorry I wasn't more help.

Re: New LG Revolution wont send text
Verizon Employee

Hello DMartinm,


I have read your posting and I am available to assist you with your text message issue. As the sales rep stated, the LG Revolution is on of our best 4G devices. I hope that this experience didn't tarnish your view of this device. Below, I have posted some troubleshooting steps to try on the device to reach a solution. They are as follows.


1.  Confirm that the signal strength is at least 2 bars, 3G or 4G.

2.  Manually type destination address a retry to verify that it isn't a contact entry conflict.

3.  Remove any text signatures that may have been setup.

4.  Verify that there isn't any text block restrictions (usually on My Verizon)

5.  Check available memory and erase any long threaded messages from device.

6.  Remove any 3rd party messaging apps and retry text services.


As far as the other concerns that you have shared about the device, I recommend a factory data reset. As you may know, this erases all the information from the phone. Prior to performing this troubleshooting step, I recommend that you verify that your contacts are backed up on either backup assistant or your Gmail account. Information on the memory card will be preserved, as long as it's not selected to be erased. Below is a link to help with the reset process.


Once you have performed the steps above, please post your findings as they may help others. If the text messaging issue isn't resolved then you can send me a private message with your full name, mobile number, and a contact number so I can further investigate.


Thank you...

Re: New LG Revolution wont send text
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Why is the answer to all the questions from tech support to do a master reset????? I had the same problem about not receiving text messages but I was able to send them. The problem comes and goes. I also have to push end call a million times before the call actually ends, annoying. I don't have any text block restrictions, no 3rd party messaging apps or no text signatures. I have a few free apps but it's frustrating to have to download them over and over when doing a master reset when something goes wrong. I've had my phone for 3 months MAX. It should not be having these issures. When I saw all these similar problems that I was having it just made me mad. Reset, reset, reset...... I'm about to take my 5 lines elsewhere. I pay too much money for all this bullshit.