Phone run over by car - how do I get my pics back?

Hello all,

I don't know where else to ask for help. Last week my husband left my phone on top of the car by mistake and it fell off while driving on the highway. Unfortunately, we were never able to locate it again (although, we dangerously tried after making a whole big U-turn)

Anyway, how do I get my pics/videos back??? I have a one year old and my phone is pretty much all I use to take pics.. I did a backup onto Picasa like 2 months ago but since then I went on a trip and never uploaded the photos---- Is there any way that since my GMAIL account was syned at one time, pics could've been saved???



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Re: Phone run over by car - how do I get my pics back?
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Hi tabskhan,

I'm so sorry to learn of the mishap in driving away with the phone on top of the car! I'm glad to hear that you and your family are OK, considering your attempt at a U-turn to find the phone.

I'm sorry to let you know that the pictures and videos from your phone are in the memory card that is (or was)in the phone. If they were not backed up prior to the phone being left on the top of the car, then they are, like the phone, gone as well. The pictures/videos would have to have been backed up to your PC before the phone was lost in order for you to still have access to them.

I wish I had a different answer for you, because I understand how important the pictures and videos can be.

Thanks for your post and have a nice weekend!

Christina B
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Re: Phone run over by car - how do I get my pics back?

i'm grasping at straws here, but if you use social media sites like facebook or google+ then you can at least sign in and retrieve any of the pics that you had uploaded. i use google+ and it automatically uploads every pic i take. however, if they were never uploaded anywhere, or backed up or copied anywhere, then i'm sorry, but you're out of luck.