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Problems with my LG Revolution

Ive had my phone for about less than a year now... Recently ive been having some trouble with my phone. I dont receive text messages all the time. I would have to restart my phone but i still dont receive the messages. Also the phone does freeze up alot that i have to remove the battery for it to work. I was wondering if you can help me with my text messaging problem. Thank You.

Re: Problems with my LG Revolution

I too am having the same problems with my revolution. I have had my Revolution for a little over a month and absolutely HATE it...I have to remove the battery at least every 2 to 3 days, every app forces close. I am not happy at all with this phone, paying a lot of money for a bill, which I dont mind paying..if I can use the thing... Even bing, vz navigator, and the text app preloaded with the phone force close daily!. What can be done..Im not going to continue to pay for a phone that is just a paper weight. I want my phone to work and I want it to work properly or give me a replacement that works as intended. I see a lot of posts on this phone and not much looks like it is getting resolved.

Re: Problems with my LG Revolution
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Good Afternoon Ant22 and tinaw,

I know I would be concerned if my LG Revolution was performing the way both of you have described. I would like to ask a few probing questions and offer recommendations.

  • Is your software current? Do you find the problems with receiving text messages are happening in one specific area? The latest software version is: VS910ZV7. I have attached instructions on how to view the software and update it if needed.

  • If the software is current, I recommend running the device in safe mode to determine if third party apps may be causing the issues. If the device still performs the same in safe mode, please complete a hard reset. The link below includes instructions for safe mode and the hard reset.

I trust this information will be helpful in resolving your equipment performance concerns.




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