Revolutions Revelation! Bunch of junk

Its funny these Revolutions were only sold for a few months. They should be required to do a recall like car manufacturers, on their mistake phone.

Verizon told me this was the best phone available at the time I bought it. I called in the second day I owned it and they said they needed me to bring it in so I could do a reset on it. I was going on a trip the next day for two weeks, so I did. Well, this piece of junk has had more problems then any item I have ever owned of any sorts. It randomly turns off and wont let me power back on until I have pulled the battery multiple times. It kicks me out of text messages and emails all the time. Yesterday I was on a business call and my microphone went out. Now it wont work at all.

Thank goodness I bought their insurance like I always do... Not really. When I called today they tell me the warranty is no longer valid with the revolution and the kind of insurance I have doesnt cover the microphone. When I agreed to the insurance, I wasnt given options of different types. Weird.     

Fortunately Verizon gave me an awesome option for a Pre-used phone that would be "similiar" to my Revolution. That awesome option I was given was $412 to get that pre-owned phone. Man, what a great deal! That is such and unbelievably good price for someones old phone.

My upgrade isnt due until March, and my contract doesnt expire until July.. I cant wait for independence day.. I will never deal with Verizon again.

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the htc thunderbolt LG revolution and samsung droidcharge were guinea pig phones to test their newly 4g netwok. all 3 are garbage gingerbread phones.phones go on swappa and look for deals.

dont upgrade through verizon or else you will lose unlimited data.