Saving a received picture

I can't seem to figure out how to save a picture that has been sent to me by a friend. When I tap the menu button while the picture is open it doesn't bring anything up. If this phone doesn't allow you to save pictures that are sent to you then that is a shame. Please help.

Re: Saving a received picture

Save Files




1. Go to Text Messages view, threader veiw that shows the pic preview when its not opened.

2. Press and hold on Pic

3. Select Save from the list\

4. Now the pic should be saved in SD/Messages folder




1. Open Email

2. At top there should be the number and the words "View Attachments" - Click on View Attachments

3. Now you should have a list of attachments with a arrow next to it if not downloaded.

4. Click file you want to download and you should get a animation where the arrow was that is indicating its being downloaded.

5. Once the animation stops this means file has been downloaded to a temp file to be viewed.

6. Now Press and Hold on file text and a window should open with three options - VIEW - SAVE- and SHARE

7. Select Save from list

8. Once complete it will have a little message at bottom of page that says "File was downloaded to SD Card"

9. Now file will be saved in SD / Messages folder on SD Card.


To Save As Wallpaper:


1. Open Gallery

2. Click on photo

3. Click Left Menu button

4. Select "More"

5. Select "Set As"

6. Wallpaper

7. Click Save after you resize image to preferred size