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Screen wake up problem/ tried everything…please help!

I have had the my G2 since September and have absolutely loved it. A couple of weeks ago, it seemed to get a little "twitchy" with some erratic touch screen behavior (delayed responsiveness, over responsiveness, etc). Then, one day, the "knock on" (double tap to wake up phone) feature quit. Then numerous apps began not working correctly. I uninstalled the 2 apps that have been installed in the last couple months as well as a few others and the problem didn't change. Then, went to put the apps back on and the "install" button in play store is unresponsive. The rest of the screen works fine, just not that little button. Also, the screen that drops down to tell you the notifications on the top bar is super finicky all of a sudden. Checked all settings, tweaked settings, rebooted, Did a hard reboot, safe mode, and factory reset. No resolve. I am not a "heavy" user, only about 10 apps total installed on my phone in the 7 months I've had it. Frustration is  mounting and I really don't want to have to take it in. I've already lost all of the settings and everything I had to personalize my phone…Taking it in is last resort. Please Help!

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Re: Screen wake up problem/ tried everything…please help!
Customer Support

Let's get your LG G2 back to like new condition jess28540! I had similar issues with mine and I resolved by doing a hard reset (I understand that you have done this) and removing an application that was causing my phone to act erratic. What I recommend is doing a hard reset (factory reset), then install your third party application one at a time and test for a few hours before installing another application. This process will assist you identifying conflicting applications, then remove them for good and you should be OK. Keep us posted.

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Re: Screen wake up problem/ tried everything…please help!
Sr. Leader

Good Suggestion by AntonioC_VZW : But It might not hurt to put the phone in Safe Mode first to see if there is any conflicting apps present which it sounds like there may be) If the Op needs to F.R. I would clear the Cache Partition just before running the F.R. but hopefully using Safe Mode will put the Stamp on the issue and help to get rid of it.. Good Luck b33

Re: Screen wake up problem/ tried everything…please help!

Hi. I know this is an old thread, just wanted to respond in case someone else comes across this issue.... The problem in this case is hardware failure. Your digitizer screen has a section across the top of the screen that has went dead.  That's why your drop down is acting finicky, When you pull down, once you hit the the dead spot it wants to pull back up. But the continual down motion from your swipe keeps it coming down, just in a jerky fashion.  This is also why your double tap does not Work.  Any dead spots in the digitizer and the double tap feature will not Work. This is also why the play store button does not Work , bc it lies within that dead area.  Rotate it to landscape mode, and you can use the install button