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Slow Wake Up Time

I got my Revolution less than a week ago and I'm already seeing problems that took a year and a half to show up on my Original DROID.


First of all, it is taking 3-5 seconds for it to wake up after I press the unlock button. And second, it takes around 10 seconds or more for the screen to resume after I end a phone call. Lastly, the call response is terribly slow and laggy when a call is incoming; the screen freezes up and sometimes I even miss an incoming call because the phone is too slow to respond.


Am I the only person having these problems with the Revo? I know they're small but I hate waiting 5 seconds for my screen to turn on when I unlock it. I didn't pay that kind of money for a phone that is already initally slower than my 2-year-old DROID. I'm hoping my phone is a buggy exception that I can replace or I'll have to return it and just go back to my 2-year-old phone.


Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Re: Slow Wake Up Time
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Hi there! The Revolution is a great love, I love it!  I can definitely help figure out some of these quirks.


Having an identical issue like the wake up issue on two separate phone, much different in age and manufacturer alerts me. Did you carry over any applications from your original Droid device? Sounds like a corrupt app/file moving from one phone to another.


I recommend doing a hard reset to return to the original settings and test for a day or two, see if there is an improvement. Typically I would recommend putting the phone into a 'safe mode' first and test that way, but the Revolution does not support this mode. 


Please advise of your outcome to ensure it's working for you!


Thank you!