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Text and picture messaging not working?

I turn data off while at work, on while out and about and off while at home. This has caused multiple problems with text messaging functionality. After being sent 2 replacement devices and having the sim card swapped out with a hard reset, the store rep installed the Verizon messaging app. this seemed to resolve the problem - for about 5 days. then picture messaging failed. guess what - I'm now on my FOURTH replacement device and picture messaging didn't work from moment I turned the phone on.

I've had reps tell me they can send me a comparable device when I'm explaining the problem, but then the story changes. After spending no less than 10 hours on the phone with tech support or in the store with a rep, and having tried every possible trick in their bags, I've come to the conclusion that the software in the G2 must not have the capability of being turned on and off without interfering with the messaging features. I have to power cycle the phone at least 4 times a day just to send and receive messages. After a 90 minute call today the tech support supervisor determined its a network issue, not a device issue and opened a "ticket". I have to wait 72 hours for an update, but actually 84 since he's off on Sunday. Four more days of aggravation.

Dear Verizon -

I don't hate my phone. I just want it to work. If the G2 won't perform like it's supposed to, trade it for something that will. I've been a customer for 10 +/- years, but now I'm tempted to take my six lines of service elsewhere.

Re: Text and picture messaging not working?
Customer Support

cataked We surely do not want you to cancel your lines with us. You deserve to have a fully functioning phone and we appreciate your efforts of troubleshooting. The LG G2 is a great phone and we are aware of some of the messaging issues that occured after the software update. It is a concern that you have had several replacements whic his why the network ticket is the next best step. Since all LG G2 devices have not been deemed as defective and we would only be able to replace it with the same model, we have to rule out all other possible factors. Once the ticket is closed, you will be notified of our egineers findings and we will take it from there. Please keep us posted. We thank you for being such a loyal customer.

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Re: Text and picture messaging not working?

Update on the ticket - the agent did NOT call me back. *I* had to call for the status. Was told ticket was closed with no findings of network issues. Call escalated to T3 tech "supervisor" who ultimately cold transfered me to LG. LG told me the issue is network. Verizon tells me its software.

Quite honestly I don't care what the problem, I want my phone to work when I need it to. No one wants to be accountable or take responsibility. I'm beyond frustrated, irritated, annoyed and aggravated. Was told my options are:

--pay the termination fee and move on.

--pay to buy a new phone

--pay the fees associated with using one of the available upgrades on my account

--receive another "like-new" replacement device and cross my fingers that device works properly.

Notice how 3/4 of those options require ME to pay more? That's absurd!! Guess I will continue to get replacement devices for as long as you send them.

Can't recall every being treated so poorly by a company I patronize. Verizon, you disappoint me, and your customer service/tech support "employees" should be retrained; they provide incorrect information. The "supervisor" today lacked empathy and resolution.