Texting Issues
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My phone sends the text message to the same person 6-8 times.  I have called customer service and tech support. Too bad soo sad. This is not the first issue I have had with phone and of course I am now stuck with it. I pay one heck of a bill (which I am sure everyone else does too) for something that doesn't even work right. All I wanted was to get a different phone with less issues. Not a chance. This phone is one of worse I have ever had. But I'm stuck with it!!

Re: Texting Issues
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Hello Laur1268,

The LG Revolution is a wonderful 4G device that has a huge variety of features and functionality! It's also the first device to have Netflix pre-loaded! In the case of the text messages, may I ask are the messages being sent to the same person each and every time? Is the message being duplicated or does it varies? Below are a few troubleshooting steps for you to perform on the device to get this issue resolved.

  • Verify that the software on the Revolution is up to date.
  • Settings > About Phone > Software Update.
  • Erase all old threaded text messages.
  • Uninstall any 3rd party messaging apps, task killers, or battery saver apps.
  • Free up memory by transferring pictures, music, and videos to a memory card.
  • Perform a factory reset on the device. (See link below)


Prior to a hard reset, it is recommended to back up all personal information. Contacts can be saved using Backup Assistant and calendar entries can be saved on your Gmail account. Once a hard reset is performed then the device would need to be reactivated and re-setup. There is a brief tutorial on the device that will help with the activation and setup process. Once the device is setup, please test call voice, text, and data services. If the issue persist then please reply with your findings for additional assistance.

Thank you...


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Re: Texting Issues

I just switched to Sprint because of this issue that was happening for 3 months. I even got a refurbished phone and was still sending text messages to people 6-8 times and I wasnt recieving any text messages sometimes. Im a manager and this caused a lot of issues with my job and family. They basically said oh well. Went to 3 different corporate stores and called in numerous times and they said the same thing.