Texting issue
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Ok so I have a SERIOUS problem. At times this Revolution will not send my texts....at other times I dont receive them. I have been able to solve this problem momentarily by turning the phone off and on again but I do not understand why this is happening. I am not in a 4G area all the time. I was assured by a representative that the 4 G phone would work fine in 3G. I am also having problems with Facebook loading. What can I do to resolve this issue??

Re: Texting issue
Verizon Employee

Good morning Haileygirl,


Text messaging has became the primary means of communication of many wireless subscribers, myself included. I can certainly understand the value in having your text messages to be sent efficiently. I have posted some troubleshooting steps below for your review to assist in resolving this issue for you. 


  • Verify destination address.
  • Delete any long threaded messages from the text message inbox.
  • Uninstall any unused apps or 3rd party messaging apps downloaded from the Market.
  • Remove any anti-virus apps or task managers.
  • Move pictures and videos to the memory card to free up device memory.
  • Perform factory reset on device. (See link below)




Prior to completing the reset, I would recommend backing up all of your contacts on to either Backup Assistant or your Gmail account. Once the reset has been performed then the device would need to be reactivated. After the device activation is complete, retry the text messaging for improvements. IF you are still experiencing issues then please reply to this message with your findings.


Thank you...