Unable to charge G2 via USB?

Plugged in my G2 overnight Saturday night when it was down to about 25%, woke up on Sunday morning to see it hovering at around 80/81% and discharging. After looking at the battery stats, I was able to tell that it charged to over 90% before stopping charging completely and starting to discharge.

I was using the original cord and power brick when it happened, if that makes any difference.

I have confirmed that the issue is not any of the specific chargers that I have around (either the cords or the brick, and have used both the OEM one as well as others) - and I have booted into Safe Mode to see if that would solve the problem - it did not.

Luckily, I was able to get a wireless Qi charger from a friend as that is the only way that my phone will (very slowly) charge.


Re: Unable to charge G2 via USB?
Customer Service Rep

Let's get this charging issue figured out! Have you ever notice charging issues before Saturday? Did anything new happen to the device, like a new software update, before this started? Is there any debris or damage to that actual charging port in the phone?

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