Unexplained Data Usage

I started using my revolution about 24 hours ago. I left it alone for most of the day, and then this morning around 6 am I began to play around with it. I did the following:


Updated the firmware

Updated a few apps that came preinstalled

Installed the speedtest app, and ran a few tests inside and outside

Watched Tangled (a 1.5 hour movie) on Netflix - the movie is only available in SD


I called #DATA to see how much I had used, and apparently I have burned through ~2.75 gigs.


I began to suspect that some application that syncs was malfunctioning and using up more data than it should, so I left auto-sync on for several more hours and checked to see if my data usage had increased. Nope, still ~2.75 gigs. So if there had been an issue of that nature, it certainly hadn't been active during those additional hours.


I've done bandwidth monitoring in the past on my desktop computer (after Comcast throttled my cable connection), and I've found that a Netflix SD movie of this length is 500mb at highest quality. In fact, Tangled is an animated movie, and (again, in my experience) animated films tend to compress to smaller file sizes.


I half-expect to get a standard "verizon reminds you that data usage may vary when streaming video" response, but it seems pretty clear to me that the numbers do not add up. I'm not going to contest the $10 overage I'll have to pay, but I want to figure out what's up so that next month I can actually use my data plan for more than one day.


Also, this may be related - I actually received the device over a week ago, but the phone could not activate itself. The account holder was unreachable during this time, so I routinely told my phone to try again to activate itself (I was pretty anxious to get my phone working). So for a week, I initiated several activation attempts per day, each of which went on for quite a while before my phone announced failure. Was data being used then?

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