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Updates, Resets, and Replacements
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I wish I could create a sticky thread on these topics as so many of the same questions get re-asked over again.  It also seems that I'm offering the same answer to a lot of people.  I'll try to be as thorough as possible here so that I can reference this post in the future for people and save time.

Update and Resets

A lot of problems come with the solutions it seems whether its a small update or a large OS version change.  Usually the first thing I do is to Factory Reset the phone first as soon as I get the OTA Over The Air update notification and before downloading.  I then reboot and let the phone begin setup, but go to settings quickly to turn off mobile data and allow WiFi only for the time being.  I then accept the update and may even FDR again after that to make sure it was clean.  But, sometimes I get too excited or just accidentally accept the update before resetting the phone.  I also seem to remember a time it just auto-updated and installed without me giving permission.  Point is, you can't disable the system updater and you'll have to take it eventually.

Also regarding updates:  When updates are installed they essentially re-write the recovery partition of the phone.  Think of it like when you flash the BIOS of a PC.  It's hard-written and is forever changed.  So, if you had a bad install then there is really no use in an FDR multiple times to attempt to fix it.  It won't revert or re-install.  All I know is to have a full charge, good WiFi strength (Mobile data uses data from plan) and to just accept the update and leave it alone until it completes.  All the resetting before or after is recommended by most folks, but VZW says it's not a must do type of thing.

Replacement Phones

I know we all bought new phones and hate having to be given a replacement phone often or always being a refurbished phone thinking we are getting someone else's headache.  I have yet to run into, but have heard of stories, where the phone you receive is a previously trashed unit physically speaking.  It is doubtful LG and VZW would spend much money on replacing much more than a part, maybe two on a refurb unit.  Most ALL units were units with software issues and were easily re-flashed at the factory or repair center.  the point is, even if you return your unit to LG and wait the 1-2-3 week(s) turnaround for a repair and pay the shipping costs to and or from, if any, then when you receive your repaired phone you now have a refurbished phone as well.

Contacting Verizon

If and when you decide to contact Verizon, I suggest you do so in this order:  Chat online from the Contact Us link at the top of the right side of screen on the VZW homepage, log into your account and choose the Live Chat option.  Secondly, try the phone, and lastly take it to a store.  Problem with going to a store is there will be a wait time usually, there aren't many "techs" in the store, there isn't much they will do other than try to reset your phone while you wait and they move on to another customer until your phone is back up and running, then check it for the usual app conflicts and whathaveyou.  At that point you'll be frustrated (unless you got an attentive rep) and they will end up sending you home with a signed sheet of paper saying your replacement will be sent to you and you send back the defective unit in their box pre-paid.  Also, when using the phone option to call VZW, you'll need a different phone to call them on because they will want to troubleshoot your issue and cannot with the phone being used.


I hope some folks get to read this.  I admit I may have missed something, but it seems that almost all smartphone issues are software related usually.  In most cases a reset works fine, but if you just got an update on your system, then usually resets don't work and you need to contact VZW due to the one year warranty with them.  If it is after that period they may still assist, IDK because I have always bought Asurion insurance and have never had to worry about the 2nd+ year as the warranty is extended as long as I pay the monthly fee.

Re: Updates, Resets, and Replacements
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Sr. Leader

Snn5 wrote:

I wish I could create a sticky thread on these topics as so many of the same questions get re-asked over again.  It also seems that I'm offering the same answer to a lot of people.

Welcome to the club, Snn5!  I've been around here for awhile - sticky posts, FAQ's, How to posts.... all well and good if folks would actually search and READ them.  But they don't.  They just ask their question... so those of us who are here to help out and answer questions end up, like you, posting the same replies, endlessly.  A sticky or FAQ isn't going to change that.  So, bookmark your favorite replies and useful info, learn the shortcuts to adding it to a reply, and accept that nothing will change.

Thanks for being willing to help out!

Re: Updates, Resets, and Replacements
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Yes, I have now realized that this entire community is only good for those with the usual questions and rants.  It is no place for someone who asks either few questions outside the norm or for one who wishes to engage in any meaningful discussion.

Re: Updates, Resets, and Replacements
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Discussions can be meaningful.

One thing I find hard to accept though is when a VZW rep suggests that someone follow them off forum to seek remediation. We generally never hear the outcome / solution, and therefore, few benefit from that support branch because it cannot be leveraged.

Maybe that's intentional. Unfortunate though.

Re: Updates, Resets, and Replacements

If you read the terms and conditions of the Verizon certified like new replacement device program (or extended warranty), they have the right to use aftermarket parts to repair the broken phones. There may or may not be anything like new in your phone. Generally speaking, I have found flaws in all of my refurbished phones from Verizon. I usually have to send them to the manufacturer to repair, and sometimes they break the phone in the process, or fail to repair it. It isn't a fun process.