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Voicemail Not Working (Again)

I switched to Verizon about a year ago and have had repeated problems with my voicemail failing to work.  I will set it up and it will indicate it is working and then without notice I get an email or phone call from someone that tells me that they had previously attempted to leave a voicemail but get a message that my voicemail has not been set up.  This has happened 3 or four times to me with my LG Android phone and my brother has had this problem several times on his I-phone on his account.  I am in need of a transplant and have been waiting to get an appointment at University Hospital for 2 months.  I just found out today that I missed an appointment on January 7, 2015 and that several attempts to leave messages were made without apparent success.  The RN in the transplant clinic thought I had received one of the messages but I haven't heard a thing.  This is obviously a big deal as I was in the hospital 3 times late last year and need to get this going.  What do I do to stop this problem from happening?  The problem originally started when my phone was telling me to use a trial for visual voicemail which I declined each time but yet had my normal voicemail account disappear,  Help me please.

Re: Voicemail Not Working (Again)

Am having a similar problem.  People try to leave me a message and it says my mailbox is full. I went to a verizon store and the guy thought it was because I had very little memory left. I have freed up 6G and voicemail is still not working on my iPhone 5c. The last message I got was in August!

Re: Voicemail Not Working (Again)
Customer Support

Let's get your voice mail back in action, thestrohls! Have you tried dialing into your Voice Mail manually with *86 Send? Are you able to review and delete messages this way?

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Re: Voicemail Not Working (Again)
Sr. Leader

You might try first running a power cycle, then follow that with running a system cache clear and you may have to run it more than once.. give that a try and post back..

Re: Voicemail Not Working (Again)
Sr. Member

Also after doing a power cycle and system cache cleaning I would shut down app, clear cache and data,then do a normal restart of the phone and app and set up your Voice mail as usual.