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touch screen issues?

I'm having intermittent issues with my touchscreen.

I use the pattern unlock security function and sometimes the screen acts as if I lifted my finger while drawing my pattern.  Sometimes it takes up to five attempts to unlock my phone.  The screen seems to register phantom double touches as well as the screen sometimes turns off when I'm trying to unlock my phone.

I think this happens elsewhere as well as I was just trying to browse the internet and the screen wildly zoomed in and out and clicked links.

I contacted LG and they said I could send the phone in but I would be without a phone for at least a week.  Their next suggestion was that I go into a Verizon store but this issue isn't always present and I couldn't replicate it last time I was in the store.

I guess I'm wondering if other people have this issue and how you've resolved it because its an amazing phone otherwise but my frustrations are growing.  Oh, my wife has the same phone that never has this issue.

Re: touch screen issues?

I had a similar problem when I had my HTC Thunderbolt, my fix was to "scrub" my finger across the screen from the top left to the bottom right corner. Fixed my issue 99.9% of the time, but my Thunderbolt was weird.

Re: touch screen issues?