How to turn NFL Mobile Notifications? Really tired of the notifications.

I have ALL the alert preferences turned to off for games and teams in the app and I still continue to get the NFL notifications about watching games and watching games that are close.  This has been happening since the beginning of the season and no matter what I do it continues.  I update the app every time a new version comes out thinking that will fix it, but it never does.

Really tired of this and wish someone would tell me how to resolve this or that NFL would fix their terrible app!!

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Re: How to turn NFL Mobile Notifications? Really tired of the notifications.
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That is terrible and I would be annoyed myself if I constantly had notifications always interrupting me. That's good you were able to turn off the notifications within the app. Now you just have to go into Settings, Sound notification, Default notifications and you will then be able to turn the sound off. Due to the age of the device, you have limited options to manage notifications other than sounds but you may want to try going back into the app to see if you have selected "favorites" or "reminders" For more helpful information, you can check out this link:



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