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So I set an alarm to claim a super ticket. I'm waiting on the app 30 minutes before the countdown hits zero. Right when it hits zero and the claim button is available I hit it, it takes me to the second page it says they ran out...then I'm able to try claiming again and then it says claimed then the app crashed, then I try a third time and they ran out...then the app crashes once again and that's it, didn't get reward even though it said claimed and I wasted time of my day. Also please tell me there aren't people with bots claiming by the millisecond, because this is ridiculous.

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Re: Super Tickets Countdown
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Hello there, Jamescm! We certainly understand your concern and we would be more than happy to help you in any way we can. Please keep in mind there are only a certain number of tickets allotted, and just about every customer is attempting to submit the claim at the same time. Once the rewards has run out, regrettably there are no more rewards available. 

Re: Super Tickets Countdown

Dude stop crying, you have hundreds of people trying to claim, the first time you hit claim and it says tickets are gone, why would you try again? Lol, there aren’t going to be magically more tickets the second time around. Some of these posts about super tickets are ridiculous, people act so entitled to something Verizon is doing as a give away. 

Re: Super Tickets Countdown
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