Android Verizon App won't save password or work with fingerprint, doesn't stick when you save it
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You can log into Androiid Verizon app and save password, but unlike ALL MY OTHER ANDROID apps, it doesn't work.  I tried to apply fingerprint multiple times. THAT DOESN'T WORK EITHER. Customer support is difficult to get most of the time and it doesn't seem to fix things, like the netowrk issue where you have to reset all the time. Anyone else have this issue?  I think all these companies are the same. Once they get your business, the heck with you.

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Customer Service Rep

Hello, pitpuppy, thank you for reaching out regarding the My Verizon app. We defintiely want to help ensure that everything is working correctly for you and that you can save time by using your fingerprint to sign in. Once you are signed in to the app, please select More at the bottom, then V Team Toolkit. From here, you will be able to report a bug in the app. This is the quickest way to engage our app team to help get things working again for you.