Door to door planned or not in Lehigh Valley/Allentown PA
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Hello, 2 guys came as a door to door sales opportunity at about 2:40pm in Allentown. I just wanted to know if such a run was planned today by the company.

thank you.

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Re: Door to door planned or not in Lehigh Valley/Allentown PA
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NiGHTSaturn thank you very much for reaching us today, I'm here to assist you providing you the information that you need to know from our door to door sales persons.

Verizon door-to-door sales.

We know how important reliable internet is right now, so we are sharing the word about Fios. One door at a time. Depending on your location, you may also be able to sign up for next-generation 5G Home Internet to enjoy lightning-fast Wi-Fi connections with ultra-low lag.

As always at Verizon, safety remains our priority. All sales are touchless and representatives have badges.


Please feel free to send us a private note if you have more doubts or questions related to our door to door sales persons!

Remember, we are always here for you 24/7 to clarify all your doubts and to answer all your questions.