GREAT customer service !!
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My daughter was having phone issues on 1/24/2023. She called Verizon and spoke to SEVERAL people that couldn't help her for around 5 HOURS ! 

FINALLY we got ALDI and JET on the phone who finally solved the problem. ALDI especially stayed on the phone with us with other techs until the problem was eventually solved.....7 HOURS LATER.

ALDI is a true asset to his company and really cares about the customer. He deserves recognition and as far as I'm concerned....a RAISE !! 

Nice to know there are still employees out there that truly care !!

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Re: GREAT customer service !!
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We're so glad to hear that Elaine! We appreciate your loyalty, this feedback means a lot to us, this is the experience that we work for all our customers! I'm glad to hear that your issue was resolved, remember that we're here 24/7 for you if anything happens, so you can PM us.