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For the last five years I have paid every month for two of my children to have insurance on their phones just in case anything happened. We’ve never had to use insurance before and till this week. And it’s been a fiasco due to Verizon.  Looks like we will have to pay out of pocket even though I’ve paid for insurance on two phones for 4 years.   My college freshman son cracked his screen on Monday Labor Day, I filed a claim which was turned down, apparently after I upgraded our phones in December 2021, Verizon, never updated that upgrade in the system. So the red SE phones that my son had as a 16-year-old ( and we turned in to Verizon when we upgraded) was STILL showing on my account  even though I have been paying every month since Dec2021  for an iPhone 13 promax  as well as insurance.   After an hour an a half yesterday and explaining the whole thing over and over a representative was able to update my account to show the upgrade phones and correct IMEI’s.  However insurance will not pay still bc when the representative updated my account it shows that the iPhone was activated as of yesterday and therefore was not covered my insurance when the screen was cracked Monday.  Three more hours on the phone today. Verizon is yet to correct their mistake. My freshman son is 4 hours away and has not had a phone all week. Mind you his student card is on that phone - and is needed for meals and his on campus job.  I feel so let down by the lack of customer service by Verizon.  And so much for the money I’ve paid out each month thinking we would be taken care of it we ever needed  to use it. This is pitiful.  After 30 years with Verizon I’m ready to take my 4 lines and go. 

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We're sorry to read about this situation and we're here to help. We will be sending you a private note. ~Peter