Making Unauthorized Changes To My Account

This has been an ongoing nightmare for 2 months now, so buckle up... A Verizon customer service rep made unauthorized changes to my plan while trying to fix an issue I was having with my hotspot dropping from the tower. This rep removed my old unlimited internet and web plan that hasn't been offered in probably 10 years. They also removed an unlimited talk and text plan and my unlimited hotspot. I have no idea how or why it happened, but it did; I genuinely believe it was an accident. Verizon customer service agents have admitted it was their fault, and they have tried to help me for many hours. The issue is they can't.

I have spent a few rounds with different agents and their on duty managers when calling the 611 help line. They appear to have done everything they can. No one at the customer service line can restore my plan. They would if they could, but they simply lack the ability to do so. Multiple forms have been submitted I'm told, and each time they tell me to wait a week and see if anyone returns my plan to the way it was. You can only elevate issues with the 611 reps so far before you hit a dead end.

Initially after I noticed my plan was changed I wasted at least one hour trying to use the online chat which is absolutely worthless.  I was assured my account was unaltered by that agent. Verizon might as well do away with that department entirely.

And it get weirder. Some Verizon reps have for whatever reason changed my plan a few other times without my consent while trying to fix this. I don't even know what I'm signed up for at the moment.

The most annoying part is that they have left me with no internet and web plan while they promise to try to fix it, so that I was billed around $500 in fees last month. The agents we're good about removing those fees from my bill, but it did take about a week. They said they were adjusting my plan to make sure it didn't happen again, but surprise, I am hit with another extra $500 this month too. I'm sure a  2 hour call with customer service, once again explaining the entire situation and waiting for the agent to read all the notes on my account left by other agents, will get the bill fixed. But I'm starting to lose my mind now.

I have been told " Executive Relations" are the only people who can help me, and the only way to reach them is to post here. Can someone please please pretty please contact me and get me off of this insane ride? I have copious notes of my calls with different agents. I have had the same plan, same bill, with Verizon for like 15 years. I would never ever ever change my plan.

Thanks. I hope we can resolve this so I can move on with my life.