Mom Sold Extra Line - Why?
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I ordered a new phone from the app and I chose the express pickup option instead of shipping. It was not an express pickup as I had to wait until the following day. I was at work when I got the text that my phone was ready. I asked my mom to stop by the Verizon store for me while she was out.

I had utilized a trade-in upgrade promotion. My mom had previously mentioned she was considering a new phone. While she was at the store a salesperson sold her an extra phone line so she could upgrade.  I'm not sure why. My mom's existing phone line still has an upgrade available and now we have an extra phone line for no reason. Why was she not offered the same promotion that I used? Shady quota schemes? Poor/intentionally shifty employee training? 

I'm calling customer service tomorrow to report and attempt to rectify. 

Has anyone experienced this?


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Customer Service Rep

Selling with integrity is something that is important to us, rlolz23. I know that if my parent went in to pick something up for me, and was sold something that doesn't seem quite right, I would be concerned as well. I'd also like to remind you that we have a 30-day worry free guarantee return period, which means you could return the new line and then help your mom upgrade with any available promotions like you did yourself. Learn more about our return policy here: