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3/18/23  Today I chatted with several chat reps, to no avail I with no solution to be found just blame the customer.

Last week I became a Verizon customer for the first time. I thought it would be a smooth transfer but I was wrong. I was told during activation Verizon would call T mobile and have my number transferred. So I asked for a new number and was given one and believed all was good. No today I tried to cancel my service with T mobile and found out after three hours of chatting that Verizon received the number. Now I'm being blame for receiving a Port out pin from T mobile that I have never received. So I will now have to suspend the new Verizon number because I will not be paying for two service carries. After 4 hours of chatting between Verizon and T mobile my problem has not been resolved be the chat reps refused to solve this problem or just incapable of doing so.

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You are in the best place for support, style1964! I would like to extend my apologies for any misinformation you received and clarify the information needed to make the best decision for your account. We are not able to initiate a port on your behalf through another carrier. To initiate a port to us, this can be done online: or initiated through your previous carrier. Let's get into a secure channel and try locating your account. Please send us a Private Note here to get started. We are available through social media as well 24/7 and only a DM/PM away!