Hello. I had to get a replacement device through asurion and I did not return my old device but I did pay for it.

 I have been trying to unlock the old device since I paid for both devices one brand new and I own them both but am unable to get the first phone unlocked and this is the one that I need desperately.

 When I spoke to a Verizon representative he had no clue what I was saying and tried to yell at me that I needed to return the phone even though I had paid for it until he realized he was wrong and then proceeded to keep me on hold and unlocked my new phone and said no they're both unlocked now but guess what? The first phone is not unlocked at all it's still locked to Verizon. Any suggestions on how to fix this situation because I can't get past the automated voice at all. Thanks in advance

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Customer Service Rep

We're happy to shed some light on your concerns, Tragicmistake. If an insurance claim was filed on a device, and the phone was reported as lost/stolen, or damaged, and subsequently replaced by Asurion, the original phone will be locked as it will need to be returned to Asurion as part of the insurance claim that was filed. What trouble were you having with your new device? Could you please tell us a bit more about what you were trying to accomplish?





 I paid Asurion The money they asked for the unreturned device so I also owned that as well.

 The problem I had with the first device is that the screen was broken.

 When I spoke to the Verizon customer service representative who really didn't know very much he unlocked the new phone (supposedly I never got a code) but I did get a text message from him saying that this phone was unlocked and when I asked about the first phone he assured me that it was also unlocked which is 100% not true.

 I own both of these phones and I'm not quite sure how to go about getting them both unlocked because I own them. Period.

 Any help would be appreciated thank you in advance and if you have any other questions because I think I answered everything twice so far feel free to contact me thank you