Texts Queing up and not being sent out
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For the past 6 months I've had  trouble texting.  My texts que up and are not sent for days.   It was intermittent, but is now much more frequent and getting worse.   Customer Service is of no value.  They can only read a "trouble shooting" script, but are not techies.  They cannot use their brain.  They refuse to transfer my call to Tech Support, who have in the past resolved the problem - QUICKLY!!   The problem is on Verizons end.  I have spent countless hours on the phone with Customer Service trouble shooting.  I have spent hours on the phone with that stupid "Customer Assist - auto attendant."  I have travelled to the local Verizon store to have the SIM card replaced - and yet the problem still exists and is getting worse.   Is Verizon Cust Svc doing this intentionally???   Hummm.

 FURTHERMORE, EACH AND EVERY TIME I HAVE TO START OVER FROM THE VERY BEGINNING - (turn off your phone, reset the settings, etc. ). WHICH IS NOT THE PROBLEM.   The problem is not at my end, the problem is Verizons.   WHERE ARE THE NOTES ON HOW IT WAS RESOLVED DURING MY LAST CALL!!!!  Why does it take days - DAYS, to resolve the problem.  Where is management?  Why can't I speak to a manager?  Cust Svc REFUSES to escalate my call to a supervisor or to Tech Support.   Why can't my calls go to Tech Support instead of the Cust. Svc - who should all be fired!!!.  Cust. Svc is beyond AWFUL.   Last week I had no TEXTing service  for 3 days.  I'm now on day 2 this week.  Maybe FCC should be called or another governing body over Verizon.   This is not an isolate case.  Verizon is awful.  ABSOLUTELY AWFUL!!!!!

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HUSSVJ02, we're so sorry to hear about the recent trouble you've been experiencing with your text messages. Keeping you connected is vital, and we would love to help out and take a closer look at your account right away. We'll be sending a Private Note to better assist.