Verizon Gift Card incorrect pin

I purchased a $100 Verizon Gift Card about half a year ago on and tried to use it to pay my bill last month. However, the site shows that a 6 or 8 digit pin was needed while my pin had only 7 digits. I made a phone call and the agent said they opened a ticket to replace that gift card and I should receive a new one within 10 business days. While I did received a ticket number through text, the new gift card never arrived. I make many phone calls later on to follow up on the ticket and they couldn't help check the ticket neither can they do anything to solve the problem. I was transferred again and again and couldn't reach the right department to fix the problem.

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Customer Service Rep

We hear you loud and clear, and I want to make sure your gift card is in your hands ASAP! I will be glad to help you get this resolved. Please respond to my Private Note.~Geo