Why when I call a number on my family plan does it sometimes go to a complete stranger at a different number?
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This first happened to me when I visited Canada a few weeks ago.  I called my wife from my contact list and instead of the call going to her phone, it went to a woman I did not know.  Assuming  I had somehow misdialed or there was a connection glitch I tried again calling from my contact list and the same thing happened.    I waited awhile and then tried a third time and the call went through to my wife.   I assumed it had something to do with being in Canada but then it happened again when I was in Chicago.  Now tonight it has happened in our hometown in Indiana where our plan originates from.   I also found out this has happened in the past to my wife's sister and brother when they tried to call her.    I would say 99.5% of the calls all three of us make to my wife go through to her but occasionally there is a call, like the one tonight,  that goes to what sounds like the same woman.  Tonight I told the woman the number I was dialing and she assured me that was not her number and suggested I had misdialed.  I checked the number in my recent call list and I was correctly dialing my wife's number.   When this happens the call from me does not show up on my wife's phone.   My wife and I have had our respective Verizon numbers for years but it is only recently we have experienced this problem of calling her number and having it go to someone else's phone. 

Has anyone had this happen to them or have any suggestions on who to report it to or how to stop it from happening?  

Customer Service Rep

We appreciate the details, and it is very unusual that this is happening with that specific number. We will be sending a private note to better assist you.